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Volunteer group identifies scam sites for masks and protective gear sold online but never delivered

  • Perhaps the largest category of virus complaints we’re seeing now are scammers taking money for masks and protective gear and not delivering them
  • has located over 300 such sites operating around the world
  • This is by a volunteer group that also operates
  • Most scams are operated by the same gangs in Cameroon that run puppy frauds; here is BBB study on pets
  • Many of the sites are registered in the U.S.
  • They don’t just rip off individuals.Here is an article on a Greek pharmacy losing their money

Scam email by a BEC scammer
A contact just got an email he thought came from a friend. It reads:
Thank you XXX. I should have called you to explain further but still can’t access my mobile phone. I  need you to kindly purchase 5pcs x $100 of either eBay or Target or Amazon gift cards which totals $500 as donation for the purchase of preventive items from Corona Disease (COVID 19) due to the vulnerability of Veterans at Hospice & Palliative Care .I will be liable for reimbursement.
 You can purchase them online as (e-gift card) or at any Kohl’s, CVS, Kwik, Macy’s, Walmart, or Walgreen’s Store. Due to the time frame of the pledge, I will be glad if you get them early enough today.
E-mail me immediately you buy them for instructions how to get them across. Let me know if a check will be fine for reimbursement. Thank you.

Tip of the week: Scams continue and will go after big money from the government There is no reason at all to think that scams are down right now; in fact I suspect they are up with so many people at home.  The courts have limited their schedules, so there may be fewer prosecutions, and the news media is currently covering very little that is not virus related.  But if anything scammers are surely redoubling their efforts. 
After previous disasters I’ve seen price gouging, bogus charities, and other scams during and immediately after they happen, but the really big losses come later with crooked/incompetent contractors or people inappropriately getting insurance or government benefits.  For example, we saw Nigerian scammers defrauding FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.  So get ready to deal with scammers looking for money from stimulus checks, business loans, and other assistance.  There lie the big bucks.

Full report here

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