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Please send us press releases!  The Fraud Report wants to keep everyone up to date on fraud issues. The media attention now is all about virus issues, so they may not report arrests or prosecutions. Send them along and we’ll include them here.

FTC releases data on international scams reported to, fraud reporting site that shares complaints with 35 countries

  • Can take complaints in many languages
  • 2019 received 40,432 complaints
  • Losses of $151.3 million
  • Top complaints about products sold online, goods paid for but never received goods

Germany has to end small business loans because criminal gangs set up dozens of fake web sites to apply and get government money


Tip of the week:  Counterfeit goods. With so many people shopping online right now there is an increasing danger of buying goods that are counterfeit, including of course things like masks and cleansers.  Be extra careful with third party sellers on Amazon. Check out 1 star reviews, where people often report that goods are not what they claim to be. And call to get a full refund on your credit card if you’re ripped off.  Here is the BBB study on counterfeits.

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