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Houston, Texas: Man from Ahmedabad, India pleads guilty to operating and funding fraud call centers in India

  • Extradited from Singapore
  • Callers impersonated IRS, US Customs and Immigration, Canada Revenue Agency and Australian tax office
  • Also made fraud calls on debt collection, payday loans and government grants
  • Admitted responsible for $25-65 million in losses
  • 24 US-based defendants already sentenced so far

Spain arrests 40 for online extortion

  • Contacted people who had been at a prostitution web site
  • Demanded money, threat to have enforcers break legs or shoot them
  • Used money mules to handle money
  • At least 4000 victims

  Agari releases new report on Ancient Turtle BEC fraud

  • Fake emails ask employees to send along aging report of money owed by customers
  • Then crooks email customers, impersonating the business that is owed money
  • Directs them to send payment to mule bank accounts