Thought of the week:  Why is it so hard to get accurate information about Covid19?  At the FTC the philosophy is that given good information people overall make good decisions. They will do OK.


Virus shutdown fuels pet scams (My BBB study on pet scams here)

Tip of the week: Online shopping, counterfeits and fraud. With so many stores closed people are increasingly shopping online for common goods.  But a large part of those are actually counterfeit.  In fact, over half the goods sold on Amazon are by “third party sellers” that ship directly to victims and not from Amazon; usually from China. Huge numbers of complaints to the FTC and BBB are from people who shopped online, paid with a credit card, and never received anything at all.  So make sure goods you receive are authentic, and call your credit card company and dispute the charge if they are counterfeit or never arrive.  And see my BBB study on counterfeit goods fraud

Prediction:  Bankruptcy! We are almost certainly coming up on a flood of individuals and businesses that can’t pay rent, mortgages, credit card bills, etc.  So expect a large wave of people in financial distress.  And the scammers will be out there to take advantage. Watch for scam debt collectors, mortgage, student loan and credit card debt and other financial relief frauds.

BBB studies: They can all be found here. There are links below to several topic areas, and there are also studies on puppy fraud,  tech support fraud, romance fraud money mules, and rental fraud

full report here

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