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Federal court class action filed against Apple for facilitating scams that have victims buy an iTunes gift card; claims:

  • Apple keeps 30% of gift card sales, which it could return to victims
  • Losses from use of iTunes cards reported to FTC is $93.5 million from 2015-2019
  • iTunes 23.7% of all gift card complaints to the FTC
  • iTunes cards can’t be used to buy physical goods, only music, videos, etc.
  • Those using iTunes cards have to have an Apple ID, and thus Apple can track who ultimately got the gift card and look for fraud patterns

DOJ indicts two hackers working for Chinese government over ten year effort to steal vaccine research and other trade secrets

Virus benefit theft


Reviews and Recommendations: I highly recommend J.D.  Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy, about growing up in a fractured lower middle class family in the Midwest.  At some level we all know that people come from all sorts of backgrounds but it is easy to overlook what we used to call the working class and that they have many problems as well.

BBB studies: They can all be found here. There are links below to several topic areas, and there are also studies on puppy fraud, tech support fraud, romance fraud money mules, apartment rental, crooked movers, and rental fraud

Fraud News From Around the World



Business email compromise fraud (read BBB study)

Social Media

Data Breaches


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

IRS and tax frauds

ATM skimming

Jamaica and Lottery Fraud (read BBB lottery fraud study)

Romance Fraud and Sextortion (read BBB romance fraud study)

Chicago: Two Nigerians and a third person arrested for romance, inheritance and other frauds in suburbs  Criminal complain here

Full Report here

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