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$153 million in refund checks going to 109,000 people from FTC/Justice Department settlement with Western Union

  • First distribution — $586 million judgment
  • Full payments to victims in US and abroad
  • More to follow
  • Details on the process here
  • NO ONE should pay money to get a refund here

India takes down tech support room running tech support scams against UK citizens after BBC story

BBC interview with tech support scammers in India

Swedish journalist works with insider to expose telemarketing sales room in Kiev, Ukraine

  • Target elderly with bitcoin investments
  • Sales in English, Russian, Italian and Spanish
  • Get remote access to victim computers and bank accounts
  • Thousands of victims in 50 countries

List of the 400 elder fraud cases recently announced by DOJ


Los Angeles:  41 months in prison for Canadian man who ran grandparent scam on older people; extradited to the US; three others in group already sentenced

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