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February 6, 2020

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National Consumers League warns of 250% jump in complaints about “sugar daddy” dating websites; scammers offer to pay off credit card debt and ask victim in return to buy gift cards. But don’t actually pay off credit card debt and victim on the hook for gift card cost

Scammers have now set up websites supposedly selling a coronavirus vaccine. If you send money they want more for shipping, taxes, bribes etc.  It is a total scam. They never send anything.

FTC releases 2019 Sentinel Data on fraud and identity theft

  • Numbers keep rising: 1.7 million fraud complaints
  • Losses reported: $1.9 billion, increase of $293 million
  • Most complaints overall about imposters, such as IRS, SSA, Romance scams
  • Data broken down by state and city
  • 33% of those losing money in their 20’s
  • Older consumer less victims but bigger losses
  • Next week in the BFR: a breakdown of fraud trends

Senate Aging Committee releases data in complaints they received in 2019; IRS impersonators tops the list

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