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October 12, 2017


 FBI’s “secret weapon” for helping romance fraud victims and seniors that keep sending money for Jamaica lottery frauds – Debbie Deem

Brooklyn man sentenced to ten years; in addition to drug smuggling he had a gang making fraudulent calls telling victims they had won Publisher’s Clearing House

Feds arrest lead seller William Nanry in New York

  • Allege took personal information of people that had responded to sweepstakes mailings
  • Primarily senior citizens
  • Created “leads,” many of them counterfeit
  • Sold these to telemarketers, presumably including Jamaicans and Costa Rica
  • Indictment sealed

Tip of the week:  How to tell who picked up the money sent through Western Union or MoneyGram. 

If fraud victims call Western Union or MoneyGram the companies will tell them where the money was really picked up (probably not the address specified by the sender).  Armed with that information police may be able to get surveillance tapes and information on the ID used by the fraudster

Equifax Data Breach Updates     

Pet Fraud


Researchers shut down malicious ads at Pornhub and Yahoo

  • Millions affected
  • Malicious ads showed screens asking people to click on an update program
  • Firefox and Chrome users got “Urgent Update notice”
  • Explorer or Edge users got a “Flash update”
  • When people clicked on these, hidden malware clicked on ads the victim never saw
  • Crooks got paid for the clicks made using victim computers

Fraud News From Around the World

 FTC and CFPB 


 Romance Frauds

 ATM Skimming

Jamaican Lottery Fraud

Just for fun….


Flashback:  Steve Martin does King Tut


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