June 29, 2017

 Consumer Tip of the week:  Check your credit reports for free.  Did you know that by law the credit reporting agencies have to give you a free copy of your credit report once a year?  Because there are three main companies that do credit reports you can get one every four months.  Go to the FTC site for these, and avoid advertising and frauds.  The FTC just put out a new blog discussing how this works.

 New survey finds Millennials most likely to be scammed; most likely to give personal information over the phone to dodgy operations

Science article asks why more technology is not being used to thwart phone scams

Four people arrested in the UK for tech support fraud; Microsoft worked with UK police

Social group in Nigeria trying to teach “Yahoo boys” skills to start and run legitimate businesses

Nigerian rapper sentenced in Idaho; used ID theft to create bogus ATM cards and withdraw cash

McDonalds in Oklahoma gets call from bogus FBI agent telling them that there was a corruption investigation and they needed to take all money from register and buy Green Dot cards

Other International Enforcement and News


Pet Fraud

IRS and Tax Scams

ATM Skimming

Romance Scam Fraud


 Jamaica Sweepstakes Fraud

 Just for fun….

 Driving the Autobahn with no speed limit

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