Europol, FBI taken down Virtual Private Netwok VPL Lab used by cybercriminals and ransomware operations; took down 15 servers

FBI warn of malicious QR codes used by crypto scammers

Interpol hits Nigerian BEC group Silver Terrier; targeted 50,000; user names and passwords of 800,000 located; 11 arrested

Russia arrests those operating REvil ransomware; took in $200 million

Review and Recommendation:  The Glorious Cause, by Robert Hiddlekauff. This volume of the Oxford History of the United States covers the American Revolution through the drafting and adoption of the Constitution.   It is a very interesting and enthralling account of the ideals, incredible bravery, and long odds that faced early America.  This stands in sharp contrast to snarky history for the uneducated too often based on history books by Howard Zinn. 

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