FBI warns scammers get telephone numbers from sellers on sites; ask seller to prove they are real with a Google voice authentication code; use those codes to get a Google voice phone number for themselves to do other scams, get access to gmail accounts

Review and Recommendation:  I recently watched the original Rocky again.  There is actually very little boxing in it. What makes it a classic is the portrayal of a working class young man who works to gain confidence and build a relationship against tough odds.

Scam fighters pull together.    In these divided times, it has been great to see so many people, from all over the world, some in law enforcement and many just because it is the right thing to do, work together to fight the criminals who often prey on those least able to afford the money stolen from them.  

BBB Studies. Here are links to the study topics of my studies: puppy fraud, romance fraud; BEC fraud, sweepstakes/lottery fraudtech support fraud, romance fraud money mules, crooked movers, government imposters, online vehicle sale scams, rental fraud, gift cards,  job scams, and online shopping fraud.

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