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FBI’s Internet crime complaint Center warns of bitcoin ATM’s

  • Scammers have victims supply cash
  • Provide victims with a QR code to direct payment to scammers
  • Using these in romance scams, lottery scams, and government impersonation

DOJ indicts two Ukrainians for ransomware; one arrested in Poland

Tip of the week:   When you get dodgy emails, such as those telling you you’re being billed for an antivirus program you’ve never received, or those that come from a bank saying you need to reset your password, look carefully at the email address.  This is harder to do when you’re using your phone. Most of the time the email address itself is odd, and it is clear that it is not coming from where it claims.  This may seem simple and obvious, but educating people about this option might save people from being scammed.

Review and recommendation:  I recently reread Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion wine.  It is one summer’s experiences by a ten year old boy in Green Town, Illinois.   The story on new tennis shoes alone is worth the reading.  It will make you wriggle your toes.  And not all is happy.  It is a classic and I highly recommend it.

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