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Los Angeles: Four from China indicted for laundering gift cards bought by scam victims at Target; used them to buy goods

ACCC reports Australia has seen an 89% increase in fraud this so far this year

  • Most of it phone related
  • Fake invoices for to antivirus and other goods supposedly ordered a huge part of this
  • Fake parcel delivery emails a special problem

Scam Advisors host Global Online fraud summit on November 3 & 4; information on agenda and how to take part; free to scam fighters

People make good decisions.  What we found doing advertising at the FTC is that given good information people make really good decisions when given accurate information.  Thus when we made people end deceptive claims for products the products generally vanished from the shelves, even despite efforts to continue advertising them. In fact, the concept of trusting the people is central to the American experiment.  There were those who thought that ordinary people could never be trusted to make decisions and those should be left to experts or aristocracy.   So the American public is pretty bright, and I’d urge all my media friends to focus on facts and not put their thumb on the scale for any political point of view.

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