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Singapore police arrest 329 for romance fraud, other frauds, and for being money mules

Hong Kong arrests nine for laundering money for investment and romance fraud; had 300 bank accounts; handled $HK 900 million

New York: Scammer who was based in Dubai gets 50 months prison for two frauds

  • First was using phone spoofing and voice altering to get information from customer service centers at banks to get access to bank accounts of victims in the United States.
  • Second, laundered money for BEC fraud
  • Other defendants in this case from Canada, the UK, Georgia in the US

EU issues Organized Crime Threat Assessment

Canada:  Scammers calling victims and telling them to call their bank. Victims hang up, dial their bank and don’t realize the phone was not disconnected from the original call and they are giving personal information to scammers

Virus Benefit Theft

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