March 25, 2021

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Top Stories

India busts call center, arrest 34; operation ran tech support and social security impersonator scams

UK consumer watchdog buys fake Google reviews for its fake companies

Prison for Russian and Macedonian; operated crooked online Marketplace with slogan: “In Fraud we Trust;”  responsible for purchase and sale of over 4 million credit and debit cards

Grandparent frauds now asking victims to deposit cash into a Wells Fargo ATM; give them a one time access code

Counterfeit check frauds continue to grow

  • Industry updates numbers every two years; latest available for 2018
  • In 2016 a study said bank themselves lost $789 million; a 25% increase from two years before; and banks stopped 7.8 billion in fake checks in  2016
  • In 2018 counterfeit checks cost banks themselves $1.3 billion, and the banks stopped $13.8 billion, or 91% of those
  • So losses up considerably; more than 50%

Virus Benefit Theft

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