My new study for the Better Business Bureau:  Gift Card Payment Scams

  • Gift cards are now the top payment methods for complaints to the FTC (excepting online purchases)
  • BBB complaints from people who paid with gifts card triples in last two years
  • Providing numbers from the back of cards is like sending cash
  • Most common cards scammers ask for are eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and Target
  • Older people more likely to be victims

Claim forms are going out for the $125 million settlement between MoneyGram and the FTC/DOJ

Two from Ukraine extradited to the US and charged; laundered money for cyber thieves that stole money from online bank accounts

FINRA releases study on chronic fraud victimization and steps to intervene

Virus Benefit Theft

FTC and SBA give advice for businesses that are asked to repay loans even though they never received one

Full report here

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