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BBB updates study on  pet frauds in the US and Canada

  • Huge spike in BBB complaints this year; five fold increase from 2017
  • Losses double from 2019
  • Scammers now get money through Zelle, Cash App
  • Very few prosecutions
  • Use pandemic to explain why you can’t see in person
  • Want money for “Covid compliant” crate for shipping

Europol and partners do major disruption effort against stolen credit cards; analyze 90,000 cards; stop fraud costing € 40 million

Texas: Owner of India call centers gets 20 years prison; impersonated IRS and US Immigration; responsible for $8.9 million in losses

Europol and 26 countries announce crack down on money mules; 4000 identified; 437 arrested; 227 of those were mule recruiters

US announces money mule crackdown; action taken against 2300 mules; at least 35 arrested; coordinated with European effort

Virus benefit theft

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