June 24, 2017

 FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IC3) releases report on 2016 complaints

  • Business Email Compromise caused largest losses; over $360 million
  • Romance Fraud is second
  • 10,850 complaints about Tech Support; losses $7.8 million
  • After complaints from US victims; India is second; UK is third; and fourth is Australia
  • Largest number of complaints were from people over 60


UK finds 10% of British tourists are victims of fraud; complaints of rental fraud up 20%; fake websites used to rent vacation homes

 UK police warn of bogus but very professional looking “security alerts” claiming to be from Paypal

Criminal charges in Nigeria against man who defrauded Canadian company

Article in Nigerian newspaper explains “Yahoo Boy” scammers

New hotline where people can learn if an offer to resell a timeshare is real or a crook

US Embassy in Nigeria assists police in locating those using fake documents to get passports.  Police in Nigeria have arrested 15 people so far this year

Australian consumer officials report most frequent complaint they receive are fake emails (phishing) that pretend to come from large companies or government agencies asking to confirm information, often for “security” reasons.

Older consumers more often victims

FCC issues $120 million fine to Florida man who made nearly 100 million robocalls to the US and Canada for supposed travel deals

Treasury Inspector General finds that one quarter of illegal immigrants are using stolen social security numbers; urges IRS to do better job

Ontario man sentenced in New York for lottery fraud

Business Email Compromise (CEO Fraud)

Investment Fraud

 IRS and Tax Scams

Nigerian sentenced in Houston for ID theft and filing bogus tax returns

FTC and CFPB Updates


Romance Scam Fraud


 Jamaica Sweepstakes Fraud

 Just for fun….

 A trip to the top of the new World Trade Center

 “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.” – Groucho Marx

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