More develops on Nigerian scammer arrested for business email compromise fraud

New Yorker:  Court appointed guardians at times just throw older victims into nursing homes and take their money

Robocalls getting worse: FTC Senate testimony on robocalls

  • Agency got 3.4 million robocall complaints in 2016
  • Already at 3.5 million complaints first eight months of this year
  • Top subject of these calls reducing debt; vacation and timeshares; warranties and protection plans

Europol releases 76 page Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment

  • Says ransomware attacks have eclipsed most other global cybercrime threats
  • Anticipate more attacks on systems launched from Internet of things devices
  • Counterfeit EU credit cards being used mostly in the US

Tip of the week:  Who the hell is calling me? Do an internet search of the phone number. There are bulletin boards that post information on scammy calls, and often some people will have a good idea of what is going on with the calls.

Equifax Data Breach Updates 

Pet Fraud
Washington Post article; Idaho article; Boston Globe; Chicago Tribune

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Jamaican Lottery Fraud

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