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 June 8, 2017

Wow!  Three Nigerians that had been extradited from South Africa sentenced after jury trial in Mississippi and get 115 years, 95 years, and 25 years

  • Used romance scam victims as mules to launder money, cash fake checks, and reship goods bought with stolen credit cards
  • Press in Nigeria here and in South Africa here

Fake celebrity endorsements being used for skin care products

Woman in Madison, WI becomes victim of fake check scam in car sale; sends funds to fraudster through MoneyGram

Woman in Harlem loses $2500 in fake check scam when looking for nanny job

Texas man arrested in Iowa; victim ripped off by government grant fraud; sent money through MoneyGram and police got surveillance video of scammer picking up money

 FTC data shows blacks are twice as likely to be fraud victims

Supreme Court upholds ability of companies to refill and sell toner for printers

National Consumer’s League warning about “bad credit” guaranteed loans; require advance fee but there is no loan made

FTC warns against binary option investments

US Embassy in Haiti works with local police; six arrested for impersonating immigration officials to demand money from potential immigrants and their families in the US

Nigerian celebrity singer arrested in the US for using stolen credit cards

MoneyGram saves student who was going to send $2000 for a job fraud

Vermont AG sues phony yellow pages company operating from Montreal

250 million windows computers worldwide are infected with Fireball malware – is yours?

  • Comes from a server in Beijing, China
  • Takes over PC and automatically clicks to open ads
  • Downloads automatically when other programs are downloaded
  • Program does show up as an installed program – here is how to remove it.

Tech Support Fraud

Tech Support frauds now claiming consumers are ransomware victims


 IRS and Tax Scams

Columbus, Ohio, man and California woman plead guilty to ID theft and filing bogus tax returns

 FTC and CFPB Updates

Other International Enforcement and News

Romance Scam Fraud


 Jamaica Sweepstakes Fraud

ATM Skimming

 Just for fun….

A window in time:  In 1906, BEFORE the earthquake, someone put a camera on a streetcar in San Francisco and filmed as it rolled through the city.


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