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April 13, 2017

Police in India capture head of massive call center that was making IRS collection calls.


Pew study finds that most people fail a simply cybersecurity quiz

  • Pew Research Center released a 13 question quiz about cybersecurity concepts
  • Wanted to understand how well Americans know the issues and risks
  • Found most people answered less than half of the questions correctly
  • But discovered that those with a college degree answered the most correctly

Florida business man indicted for selling information on US victims of sweepstakes mailing scams to Jamaicans to use in sweepstakes fraud telemarketing

Nigeria has been named among 18 countries whose banks have been attacked by North Korean hackers to get funds for sponsoring its nuclear program

Hackers get identities of 1 million elderly consumers from hack of company that provides diabetic supplies

Quebec man pleads guilty to Grandparent Scam in New York; recruited others to pick up money sent by victims through Green Dot MoneyPak

DOJ announces arrests of six New Jersey men who ran telemarketing frauds for supposed investments and targeted the elderly


Vendor of Illinois and ten other states that collected online applications for state jobs has data breach; includes data on 1.4 million people in Illinois alone

New Zealand police investigate only 5% of fraud cases referred to them by banks

National Center on Elder Abuse releases report on “Decision-Making Ability and Rise of Elder Mistreatment”; explores dangers of financial exploitation

Ghana to set up national cyber security council to tackle cybercrime

NYPD warns of fraud calls telling people (falsely) that family members have been kidnapped

National Cybersecurity Alliance makes efforts to educate seniors about cybercrime


CFPB issues report on consumer complaints received in 2016

  • Biggest source of complaints is debt collection
  • 41% of debt collection complaints are that the victim did not owe the debt

FTC settles case with fraudulent office supply enterprise that made million  targeting churches and small businesses

FTC announces one day public program on hearing health issues


Police in Austria arrest teenager that was doing ransomware fraud

Allege he bought software on darkweb