September 14, 2017


Toronto Police nab Nigerian living there that had made millions doing identity theft and other crimes; defendant had been arrested several time before but never got jail time.  Great explanation of how this worked


Israeli newspaper says binary option investment fraud companies located there result in a massive increase in organized crime

Three in Florida found guilty for fraud that ripped off people around the world

Four men from India living in the US plead guilty for laundering money from victims of IRS impersonator calls coming from India; 17 guilty pleas so far

Tip of the week – Flooded cars. All of those thousands of cars that were underwater in Houston and Florida are probably totaled.  But in these cases crooks always try to dry them out, move them out of state, and resell the cars without revealing that they have very serious problems.  As always, before buying a used car, especially over Craigslist, get an independent inspection (they don’t cost much) and a vehicle history report such as Carfax or Autocheck.  If the history shows that the car has ever been in Florida or Texas take special care.  And here is a Carfax alert on this.

Equifax Data Breach Updates

Fraud News From Around the World


Tax Fraud

ATM Skimming

Romance Scam Fraud    


Ransomware shuts down computers in Kansas county government

Jamaican Lottery Fraud

Just for fun….

Spectacular Photos from around the world

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