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 March 30, 2017

 Trucaller and Harris Poll release survey results for 2016 on phone scams and phone spam.  

  • Say 10% of US adult population lost money to a phone scam in previous 12 months
  • This a 53% increase over a similar survey in 2014
  • Estimates that there were 27 million US victims
  • With projected losses of $7.4 billion
  • Average loss of $274
  • ¾ of calls happened on mobile phones
  • Males twice as likely to be a victim
  • Millennials 18-34 most likely to be defrauded
  • More than half of Americans have received a spam text in the last month
  • Survey does not discuss the nature of the phone frauds involved

 T-Mobile Announces two new features to block scam calls

 FCC proposes rulemaking to allow carriers to prevent frauds from “spoofing” caller IDs to make it appear calls are coming from IRS or other organizations when they are not

 Police in Amarillo, Texas reports that local citizens have lost over $180,000 to common frauds in just the last month

 Mexican citizen pleads guilty to timeshare resale fraud in Sacramento.  

Was part of a group calling owners of Puerto Vallarta timeshares, claiming to have buyer, and had seller/victims wire money to banks in Mexico.  Click here for more information about timeshare resale

Fraud rips off those on Sex Registry

“In this scam the victim, who was listed on the registry, was contacted by a person claiming to be with the United States Marshall’s Office. They informed the victim their case had been turned over to the federal courts and they had missed a court date. In order to stay out of jail the victim was told to pay a fine and court cost. The victim then sent a money order at the direction of the scammers. Once this was done, the scammers persistently threatened the victim with jail if more money orders were not sent. The victim was told if he contacted local law enforcement, he would be picked up immediately by federal authorities.”

 IRS and Tax Scams

 FTC and CFPB Updates

 Other International Enforcement and News

 Security experts say DOJ is ready to start criminal charges on cyberfraud that took $81 million from Bank of Bangladesh

North Korea believed to be responsible for the malware on the Bank’s computers, and that if fraud had gone as planned bank would have lost $951 million

Best Buy employee saves elderly woman from being defrauded when she tried to buy $4000 in gift cards in a grandparent fraud

 ATM Skimming

 Lake Charles, Louisiana Police receive IRS impersonator call claiming to be with — the Lake Charles, Louisiana Police

 Romance Scam Fraud

Tennessee couple arrested for trying to sell five year old boy on Craigslist


 Correction: In discussing online shopping fraud last week the Report said:

“The Canadians tell me that they receive reports of about 10 million cases every year where Canadians end up shopping online and receiving counterfeit goods.”  The correct number is 10,000.

 Just for fun….

Policeman returns call to IRS impersonator in India Video goes viral on Facebook